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STFU Sizists

Welcome to a fat-friendly environment in which to share positive thoughts on fat and size acceptance, and to showcase some of the greatest hits of fatphobic ignorance!

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Oct 22 '13

I think the source of my complaint is that we have a body positive community that says all bodies are beautiful but still, in probably subconscious ways, rewards having a body that is the mainstream ideal, only scaled up.

There is a feeling of being too fat to be pretty according to societal standards and then too shapeless to be pretty according to fat standards. There is in some ways a hierarchy of fat bodies where some echoes of the dominant ideal are reinforced. Even fat clothing retailers favor an hourglass body type or proportions that are “curvy”.


—Mary (

Hell the fuck to the yes god damn mothafuckin’ straight up truth.  As a superfat who definitely does NOT have that “ideal” fat body, there is nothing more recognizable than this issue right here.

And it’s dangerous for those who are new to the movement as well as those who are still working through a lot of shit with their body image.

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Co-signed.  Fucking fed up with still not being visible/included.

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Oct 20 '13


The desexualization of women of size, especially those of color, has been a part of American media for a long time. Her body is supposed to represent motherhood, but not sexual femininity, as if those things were not connected. Her size is a sign of her authority, so she is thought to be “masculine.” Though she holds authority, she is not to be seen as competition of the delicate white female. Her bosom is a place to rest not to caress. Her “excess” weight is supposedly an indication of her intelligence, adding a factor of ableism and sanism in the mix.

Curvy WoC are reclaming there bodies. They see neither thinness nor thickness as the definition of femininity or intellgence. Their bodies are rebelion against mainstream white culture. They embrace motherhood without questioning the existence of their sexuality.

Oct 20 '13
Oct 20 '13
"People can be obese but metabolically healthy and fit, with no greater risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer than normal weight people, according to the largest study ever to have investigated this seeming paradox"

And there you go, any argument you have ever had in support of fat-shaming just flew out the window. TA TA

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Of course fat people have been saying the same thing for decades. But of course anything a fat person says about themselves or their own health is laughed off as “wishful thinking”. Our own experiences are constantly being denied as “head in the sand” “it will catch up to you eventually” mentality. Despite those of us that exercise regularly and eat healthy, we’re told that none of it matters because we’re still fat -and therefore couldn’t POSSIBLY be healthy.

The sad thing about it though, is that people should not have to be healthy in order to deserve to be treated with human decency and respect and not have to live their lives stigmatized, bullied, marginalized, and shamed. People are deserving of equality and respect reguadless of if they are healthy or not.

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Delightfully, (according to the alumni magazine) my alma mater is apparently performing an extensive study of ‘metabolically healthy obesity’ in order to differentiate types and causes of obesity—in large part so that healthy-but-obese people are no longer harmed by mindless, uninformed weight loss campaigns but also to understand how/why various bodies process nutrition and produce energy differently.

According to the numbers quoted in the latest report, at least 30% of obese people (even ‘morbidly obese’ people) are metabolically healthy and would be harmed by restricted eating and not in any way benefited by weight loss. The school is studying the biochemical relationship that different metabolic types have with different food types over a long-term program. Their hope is that they’ll be able to better identify how each body processes food and that instead of focusing on weight and weight loss ultimately nutritionists and dieticians will be able to provide information on how to feed each body type in order to create a healthy and beneficial state for each person—not so that people will lose weight as a rule. They also hope to sever the relationship, in the public consciousness, between weight and health because it is endangering lives. 

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Reblogging it again for Moniquill’s delightful addition.

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Oct 10 '13
Oct 6 '13
Sep 10 '13

I’ve always been a fat girl, I was a fat girl, I’m a fat woman. And my Dad saw me going out to a party once, and I was wearing hot pants, purple hot pants, really ill advised. And I was about to leave the house, and my dad saw me, so he called me in and asked me to sit down.

And I thought, “Euh, I’m going to get ‘The Talk’ now, the “get home early” talk.

But he said, “Okay, you’re wearing very short shorts”, and I said, “Yeah, that’s what you do”, like ‘you’re the fool’.

And he said: “Yeah, well, wearing those shorts they way you are is going to attract a lot of attention, from a lot of men.” So that slightly dumbfounded me. And then he said, “Listen, you deserve all of that attention, because you are a beautiful princess. You are the most beautiful girl at that party and you deserve that attention. But, because you are the most beautiful girl there, you must the choose the right boy. Do not give your attention to the wrong boy.

And never, never, think yourself other than absolutely fantastic.

So I went out that night feeling like a Queen, and I didn’t talk to any boys, because they didn’t deserve me.

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Aug 25 '13
"Researchers at Yale University found that defendants’ body weight and gender can influence jurors’ perceptions of guilt and responsibility. A recent Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity study found that obese women were more likely to be seen as guilty than were normal-weight women or men or obese men."
The American Bar Association Journal (via madgastronomer)

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Aug 22 '13

themythofcishetiphus asked:

I follow thisisthinprivilege and a couple other body positivity blogs, you included now =) I have enough gender dysphoria without thinnies telling me I should be ashamed of how I look in general...

Pleased to have you here, lots of love to you <3

Jul 21 '13